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I learned to pray because I was taught to. As a kid I never questioned it. And when I was growing up, I doubted the effects of prayer because I associated the conversation with something intangible. But it seems my understanding has come full-circle. I feel that the powers of prayer is infused with many layers of possible effects. Repetition is powerful. You find it in music, in commercial advertisements, and it affects us in a subtle way, but on a deep level. From a subconscious level, prayer is about repetition. They could also be seen as affirmations. Maybe prayer is a conversation with yourself. When said silently or verbally, with intention and without ulterior motives, we can prime our unconscious minds to direct our behavior toward an honest goal and increase our success when we support it with action. When we pray, directed visualization goes a long way, too. Psychotherapy already uses the visualization technique approach in their practices. And from an energetic level, if we see thought as etheric energy beaming out into the universe, this language is a signal to be picked up from spirits all around us who are working diligently to answer our “prayers”. Prayers become effective when they come from an unselfish attitude. Prayer is also meditation, a mantra; if we repeat any phrase with intent over a prolonged period of time, we may eventually reach a meditative, Theta state, a state of conscious relaxation, healing, and presence.
Rodney Smith, Awakening: A Paradigm Shift of the Heart (via johnsparker)

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A Quiet Mind:

The person is a product of the mind, not the other way around, and the incessant mind chatter has to be maintained for the person to believe he or she is outside looking in.

We know ourselves only by making mental noise, and if the mind gets quiet, this false dichotomy of “me” separate from “my” mental experience cannot be maintained.
Thich Nhat Hanh, “Being Peace”

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A man was rowing his boat upstream on a very misty morning. Suddenly, he saw another boat coming downstream, not trying to avoid him. It was coming straight at him. He shouted, ‘Be careful! Be careful!’ but the boat came right into him, and his boat was almost sunk. The man became very angry, and began to shout at the other person, to give him a piece of his mind. But when he looked closely, he saw that there was no one in the other boat. It turned out that the boat just got loose and went downstream. All his anger vanished, and he laughed and he laughed.

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Trying to force something you can’t control is kind of like trying to keep a beach ball under the water. No matter how long and hard you try to keep it that way, the more tired you become. The trick is to let it go and relax, and let it float and rest upon the surface. You can then guide the ball in any direction you wish. To be in a mode of relaxation allows you to perform optimally even in stressful situations.
Dennis Lewis

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Do we need the word ‘spiritual,’ which so clearly bespeaks duality? Our being, our life, when lived in full awareness, is such a miracle, a miracle beyond comprehension, that the word ‘spiritual,’ with its often otherworldly conceptual overtones, seems almost impoverished in the face of such aliveness. I don’t know about you, but I never think of myself as spiritual. I don’t need to. It is enough to think, feel, and sense now and here the miracle of ‘I AM,’ without trying to add more to, or define, what is already overflowing with unfathomable mystery.

Detoxifying your body is not just limited to eating cleaner. Junk thoughts are the equivalent to junk food - and you are what you eat. Thoughts of anxiety, resentment, insecurity, or any kind of the mental ‘weight’ you’ve carried in your gut far too long affect pretty much every fiber, every cell of your being. These effects can be psychosomatic, where physical illness is caused by mental or emotional problems. It is also called the nocebo effect, the evil twin of the placebo effect, which I’m sure most of you are familiar with. Some of these negative thoughts and emotional harboring will have to be processed and digested - and shitted out. And feasting on thoughts of joy, acceptance, gratefulness, and honesty, will lead you to be more energetic due to their ‘nutritious’ properties. Most say a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, but I can tell you this much, it goes both ways if you are seeking balance and complete harmony of the mental/physical. Remember, the body is the instrument and your mind is the composer.

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The mind that doesn’t cling doesn’t reject either.
Ajahn Chah

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If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Ordinary readers, forgive my paradoxes: one must make them when one reflects; and whatever you may say, I prefer being a man with paradoxes than a man with prejudices.

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The number one, most effective method for healing and relaxation is not something you buy over the counter. It’s not something you smoke to soothe your nerves. It’s not the best selling book you read to make you feel good. It’s not something you seek from any person, place, or thing. It is actually the healing power of breathing. When most of us are in a rut, down and out, our breathing becomes restricted. And as shared by Harvard Health Publications, “Shallow breathing hobbles the diaphragm’s range of motion. The lowest portion of the lungs—which is where many small blood vessels instrumental in carrying oxygen to cells reside—never gets a full share of oxygenated air. That can make you feel short of breath and anxious.”

Full, rhythmic breathing activates your bodily processes that have laid dormant, so that it can do its proper work. Breathing is also at the core of meditation. It teaches you how to be present by focusing on the breath. You don’t even have to call it meditation; you can just call it plain old, natural breathing. Take notice throughout the day and observe your breath. Is it deep and full or is it shallow and restrictive? Work with whatever you discover about your breathing and take control.